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jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Nueva embajadora de Chanel, Zhou Xun

Fecha de nacimiento: 19 de marzo de 1975
Lugar de nacimientoQuzhou, China

En activo en el cine desde: 1995

El pasado mes de octubre nombraron a la actriz, modelo y cantante China "Zhou Xun" embajadora de la factoría Chanel. El propio Karl Lagerfeld dijo de la actriz que era una síntesis entre Coco Chanel y Troupe Zizi nada menos. Por suerte, no afecta demasiado a su trabajo como actriz y podrá seguir con su calendario laboral como estaba previsto. 

Zhou Xun está considera como una de las mujeres mas influyentes de China junto con Zhang Ziyi y no es para menos. Y si hacéis caso a mis particulares recomendaciones, disfrutaréis de dos películas que os recomiendo no os perdáis suyas; "Balzac y la joven costurera China" (El libro es aún mejor) y "Suzhou River", una de las películas más memorables de principios de la década pasada.

Os dejo el enlace (que también tenéis más arriba) del vídeo que le prepararon para su presentación como embajadora de Chanel. Merece la pena verlo (es cortito, eso es lo malo...) enlace a vídeo.

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  34. nice try Zhou!
    Ugh nice movie that you made as a actress you sucker!
    happy trail girl slicking girl! psyke but thanks for your help scorpville!
    well well well if it isn't Sou Zune! so what are you gonna pay your money for making a movie silver dust or road dust aw ha ha ha ha! wow i sure cooled Zhou off. why hello their sweety women! want a brownie? why don't fall down into something more electrical to electricute you. and now your gonna give zhou a apple that's venomous who's bratty merlin! nobody's on your side! its all over missy zhou! please archie's just pretending to listen. don't you think that nobody cares about you really! well let me let you on a secret
    i really like archie too. oh please! bye bye sweety pie aw ha ha ha ha!

  35. what's the matter sugar Zhou? feeling under the weather from that venomous apple?
    Ta! sign,MacKenna

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  37. i wish we can get away with things and anger and negativity and jealousy and obsessiveness in life and forcing Asian stars from Power Rangers to love us back. oh what are you Zhou and Archie gonna do? call the police on me to be arrested for bullying Zhou Xun and for being jealous of her life? i'm gonna get you zhou for stealing to marry who i loved which was archie! well here's whats gonna happen to people who don't love us back or don't win people's love whoever we want i will crush you and hit you Zhou. how about i squash you like a bug Zhou! oh shut up! oh and archie will crumble and do whatever i ask him to. how dare you meddaling twit steal my love interest archie who i was thinking on having and all the designer clothes and all the fancy designer bags and going to s. korea where i wanted to see my parents there which i never had in life. i was rejected cast aside and doomed that i couldn't have the things that you had which i wanted. i want what you have Zhou. Ew its Xun! no were not gonna be nice Zhou to you. No! sorry! aw ha ha ha ha that geek didn't know what hit her. just remember that your a stinking retch Zhou! how about i scratch your eyes out Zhou! oo you would love that just now wouldn't you? i'm gonna have a elephant go to your husband and your house so he can crush you both and tear your house apart and take away all your designer stuff and designer purses and all your millions of cash in dollars in Los Angeles
    well its been nice talking to you but i have to go somewhere else to bully who are little kids. so long losers oh and one last final comment smell ya two later! aw ha ha ha ha! sign, MacKenna

  38. hey get of the shot Zhou Xun.
    Humph what a laugh!
    Why don't you go out somewhere and play young lady Zhou.
    From, MacKenna

  39. Alright no more Mrs. nice Asian!
    Oh so your returning back for more huh?
    Bye Zhou Xun aw ha ha ha ha!

  40. no i won't let you stop Zhou. Feelings i don't care about feelings. Erika Kay is my bread and butter and i'm not gonna let you take that away! when u see these you may not wanna quit ever. i told a person to take a photo of all your embarrassing moments with Archie who i want! sorry property press of fee folds. now bring more Erika Kay Zhou.
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  42. Lets watch the Asian goof Zhou make a hot saddle mess aw ha ha ha ha!
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  43. i can't wait to hear what your gonna say Zhou that is if you could remember it ha ha ha!

  44. Hey Zhou boy you lost!
    Well well well if it isn't Mrs. designer Asian Chinese girl of Archie's! yeah wanna make something of it! Chicken ha ha ha! i'm not crying about my punishment of jail Zhou.

  45. i'm gonna burn you up in the fire place and even boil you up in a pan Zhou because your
    luckier more than me! Which i'm jealous of because you going to Seoul Korea and for getting the money to go to Seoul Korea and getting to afford all the designer clothes and all the expensive designer handbags and the fancy make up and the getting to be the oldest and getting the boy Archie which i won't have what Kill her oh and your hair being longer than mine and getting to afford all the fancy foods and every fancy fruits that i don't get to buy and have.

  46. what? How dare Archie asked you to be his wife! er!
    I'll make Archie hate you Zhou!
    I'll turn your marriage Zhou with Archie into a disaster aw ha ha ha ha!
    Wait until I get my hands on you Zhou!
    Yeah I'm MacKenna the bully to you! What did you expect me to be a eggplant? Yeah want to make something of it? Yeah want to make something out of it Zhou?

  47. Look its time to pack up your marbles and leave Archie!
    Yeah suck it up cry baby Zhou already
    yeah shut up and not complain anymore you skinny chink and gook Zhou.
    Now to get rid of Zhou for good!
    Shut up slanty eyes! Alrighty you weird little freak wife girl of Archie's i'll give you your ring back if you just shut up!

  48. I'll make you do something to Archie so he will get a break up with you!
    If your somewhere far away like Seoul Korea Zhou with Archie i'll be there as well! aw ha ha ha ha! who's having all the fun next?
    aw ha ha ha ha! oh yes this got to be perfect! aw ha ha ha ha!
    Get away and go away Zhou aw ha ha ha ha!
    Darn why don't any of my bully plans work?
    this is all fun! aw ha ha ha ha! i'll pour red paint all over you Zhou and Archie!
    Now to get rid of Zhou for good! aw ha ha ha ha!
    lets get to it you lightweights Zhou and Archie!
    Hey fruit cup Zhou's husband! Who are you calling fruit cup? asked Zhou
    you button face Zhou! You butt wod Zhou! You wanna dance? maybe later! oh are you not liking our little dance tough luck Zhou! Ready i am Zhou! Zhou's crying baby tears out of the toilet! Zhou's crying baby tears! aw ha ha ha ha!
    The people Archie and you are breaking up! I was a counterfeit snob! Zhou is a out of control adventure girl with Archie! Zhou has body hair exstentions! You control freak! Zhou not exactly like Archie! Zhou and Archie comes to the grocery store and ends up crying tears! You broke the mote control you scum Zhou!
    Aw ha ha ha ha! Get away you Asian brain girl! huh? uh oh! I got it all aw ha ha ha ha! From, MacKenna

  49. hmm let you win Zhou? never aw ha ha ha ha! hi would u like too join my dog tonight for dinner because you'll be eating salmon that you you'll lose Zhou? the only thing you'll be eating is my dust! later girl! your nothing without archie because i'll have him. i always knew you were clueless Zhou. who's the best girl here? suck ups! this time you won't win i garentee ! Put a shoe in it Zhou! and the loser is Stupid zhou! street walker face! aw ha ha ha ha! i'm not saying sorry no sir right Cindy Hau? Loser! i think that's a rediculas idea being archie's wife. which i should've. your rediculas looking. you had enough time with archie now go! you'll be in a poor house all alone especially involves no more archie. and you'll have to give up all your clothes and purses that are fancy and you'll need to work. shhh! from,MacKenna

  50. cut to the chase Zhou since when are you and Archie going to Seoul Korea.
    well woopty do for you two of couple of people. well i hate mitt romeny and i hate you Zhou. move out of my way Zhou! guess your clothes weren't cool as thought that they were
    Zhou. i hate you both. i hate real noisy music. from,MacKenna

  51. hey move out of my way gook eyes! ha ha ha suckers! go away i was not crying Zhou!
    i'm not sharing anything i like with you because i pretty much forgot being kind to you.
    MacKenna Kilburn now as a special clothing girl you should be a bully to Zhou and be jealous of her by being married to Archie! instead of you. now don't ever forget that my darling dear daughter said her Seoul Korean mom from,MacKenna

  52. well that's a crazy question Zhou! move out of my way Zhou and Archie!

  53. i don't care what you do or where you go Zhou but you stay away from seeing Seoul Korea
    and stay away from Archie your husband because Archie is mine now.

  54. oh and clean up that cut ribbon from your dress that Archie gave to you by buying it!

  55. well well well if it isn't miss Asian Chinese girl? yeah wanna make one thing out of it hmm?
    well i ended up buying the last real good Jimmy Choo
    purse woo slick! and all that you have
    Zhou is a plain crummy Coco Chanel purse slick! meet the best winners team Zhou to win the 5,000 dollars of cash at McDonald's awards! i'm gonna kill you Zhou Xun! shut the heck up i don't have anything for ya! i will catch ya later looooosseeerrr! huh uh oh yay! ha steal my jimmy choo purse from me don't make me laugh! chomping you just want to buy and shop around for your own jimmy choo handbag Zhou! well that's not gonna work looooossssseeeerrrr! huh? uh oh yay! your dressed as a clown in the dumb school and kids make fun of you dressed up as a clown Zhou and the kids go to you and say ha ha ha ha ha ha and laugh at you! Gook face Zhou Xun aw ha ha ha ha!
    from the bully, MacKenna

  56. humph pathetic! aw ha ha! why do you think i'm here stocking your husband and being envious of you guys? foolish girl wimp! ha i'll never quit being a bully to you Zhou and being jealous of you having Archie for you! your a weak fish Zhou! i'll make you cry babies wale.
    you kiddy girl Zhou! humph ha face it Zhou your all washed out! Archie is playing with you blabbermouth Zhou! aw ha ha ha ha! its good for me to bully Zhou and have cruelty over Lucas Kendall who is for real Michael Copon who i hate most of ever! why would i have a crush on Michael Copon Archie? well i don't anyway so there! so out of my sight Archie! no my friends and me are not going have no more cruelty over Lucas who is Michael Copon and you Zhou! We'll keep going and going! so ha ha wimps! ha poor Zhou and Michael Copon! aw ha ha ha ha! fools! go live the rats Zhou! just a reminder from me that your a retch dirty creature Zhou! you'll get cinders in my juice Zhou!
    bye bye! see ya wimps! from,MacKenna the bully

  57. well i think your purse that's coco chanel wasn't what you thought it was Zhou!
    poor girl what to do about over!

  58. just remember you are a retch Zhou Xun!
    uh how dare Zhou Xun you asian twit got to go to china and japan
    and me and my mom don't and how dare you asian twit stole my true religion super t johnny's in wash called medium savannah in china! what if Archie her husband springs money for them to buy those jeans that are the true religion johnny super t in wash called medium savannah in my size. tonight i'm gonna wipe out you fool Zhou Xun! i'm gonna destroy you Zhou Xun. now good night Stupid Xun! from,McKenna

  59. hello zou xun i'm Whittany Archie sent me. were you popular with Tiffany Do and Brittany Doun my friends? did you honestly guess they wanted you as a friend. Bam! Er Brittany Doun and Tiffany Do where is she they asked furiously to Whittany. When Wer'e back at college you two will be my friends and i'll destroy Zou Xun to turn into a picture on the wall. Bam! Please let me go i'll do anything Zou Xun. i'm coming for you Zhou Xun to be shoot and destroyed. Bam!

  60. uh how dare that sheet clothing pajama twit took away from me my spolight from Southridge class of 2009. what if they actually want to be friends with her?

  61. i'm going to kill you Zhou Xun!
    From,Kaitlin Kilburn